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I'm Michele, the founder of KMT Consulting Services LLC. I'm dedicated to assisting people retiring or thinking about retiring with their insurance decisions.

I work with local financial advisors, credit unions, and insurance brokerage firms to help their clients learn about Medicare and select the right plan. These partners have found that their clients appreciate guidance in what can be a complex, overwhelming set of decisions to make without knowledgeable help.

Can I help you? Please get in touch and we can find out.

I’ve helped these organizations’ clients

All Medicare insurance
Part A, B, C & D
Medicare consultation
Get ready before you turn 65
General health insurance
Mainly for people under 65
Disability insurance
Understand your options

How I help organizations

Run virtual or in-person events
Help small or large groups of your clients understand how Medicare works
Office hours and seminars
Be onsite to answer your clients’ questions about how Medicare works and help people find invidual plans
1:1 Consultations
Work with your clients 1:1 to give an overview of Medicare, understand individual goals, and help them find the right plan

Keep in mind

I don’t just sell insurance, I support it
Sometimes, people run into problems with their health plan. Unexpected bills, coverage that was erroneously denied, or difficulty seeing the providers that they need. I support all of my clients by calling carriers on their behalf to make sure they get all of the care they paid for.
I’ve been doing this for a long time
I’ve been helping clients get Medicare for 6 years. Chances are, whatever problem your clients may encounter, I’ve helped someone solve it before.
I help everyone, even if they don’t do business with me
I’m happy to give each of your clients an overview of how Medicare works and tips and tricks to watch out for, whether or not they decide to purchase insurance with me. I’m a part of this community and I’m happy to pay it forward.

Partnership FAQs

My clients don’t understand Medicare. Can you explain it to them?
How much do you charge my clients?
If I want to work with you, what should I do?
Why should my clients work with a Medicare agent?
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